Friday, May 4, 2018

Like it or not it was supposed to be
Whether you choose or not it is meant to be
Life is what you call a nature call to what you dream
In the end what you deserve to be
There is so much that you desire
How would you know what you aspire
It's the scribble of thought
Hope it releases all your knots

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Life as you call it

O lady! O Lady
Have you ever heard of the term,
Men call it misunderstood!
Then,Be free be misunderstood
They said the line to break
Was the line to understand?
What was a misunderstanding and what was real
Love fight
Lived in misunderstanding of a wrong as love
Now set free
Free as a bird
I wish even my enemy do not get a lover like thee
you  are free of the tardy.

I lived with
Float and live thee

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crossroads again

Here I am standing on crossroads again
Reeling past my life so far
I have a choice to make however this time
I need no more pain
So here I am staring on the roads ahead
The road that led me here banished for me to trail back
Silence and vacuum define my mind frame
May be this time I will make no choice to get me to another crossroad
But hey I smile and say where the fun of life would be if I stop
So as I start a fresh journey
I will leave the marks for someone to trace me as now I am chasing horizon

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Be Zero

All day you read and hear is death, devastation, disarray of beliefs and consider all of them blasphemous hence I would not want that this reading again is living them.  I am done with grieving for all what I could have been and done and of what I am today.

I have spent thirty years of life studying about all possible fields that would help me know what I intend to be for remainder of my being however all brought me down to the most  common ground! Being “Zero”! Saying that I do have ambitions or say to live of others ambitions as by the end of it I have always come down to my own discovery that “Zero” is the most essential of it all.

Like most of us I too have been prying for years and found nothing. Whatever I did or acquired concluded in being ‘Nothing’. Now I know that the most important invention, discovery or to contrive is ‘Nothing or absolute Zero’.

Question is then, why do we read?, what we want to hear?, who are we trying to find? And how do we get what we intend to hear, see or simply perceive per our convenience.   All the saints and sinners are all victims and have something inside them that they want to make people believe so that their perception is smoothed hence nobody is ‘Nothing’ which is the purest form of being of any living organism. One who is a nobody and is nothing will have nothing to say, preach or conduct to appease his own senses.

Love, hate, anger, agony, pride and to have something to prove is a fact that we all are filled with junk and are not blank or Zero!  And most of our mind is filled with bare necessity to fulfill our basics: Food, Shelter and something to cover our naked selves. What we forget is that by nature’s design we all will get our basics covered and what the world needs is a lot of “Zeroes”.

With a lot of  zeroes after a one ,’Unison’, it would make us the richest and worthy of buying the most  precious commodity today, Peace and conjunction of all thoughts erased of all boundaries be it of caste , creed ,color, valor, nations ,languages ,thoughts, height, weight and what ever that demarcates us all. Hence the tenacity within our minds to misconduct will banish in zero “0”. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living with muse

Love like an ocean galloping with tides
Listen like robber turned wise
Every moment is berhyming
You come as shadow what I perceive
 You really are what you intend to be

When you dip in deep within
I find heaven seeped in me
The world seems evolving in fraction
You are evolved with me
As much as time comes to stand still
A force to bereave me of death even
It moves that a man has love too much
The journey would go on
Every time we are entwined
I discover a new you
I find love in every touch of you

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once in sixth months

Once in sixth months if you read your woman
You will be worth heaven
If you expect your woman to read you
She already knows it

If she bears all pain your soul job is to give her pleasure
Single tear in your woman’s eye leads your job unfulfilled
More she would cry, more you will be hurt in all means
A  man who shows his powers to woman is least worth a man
Make her smile always
Correct her wrongs in smile and advice
A woman never does more wrong and vice
As a man of her caliber
If you ever disregard a woman, remember 
It will all come back to you

Distress call

You accuse and abuse to take her on a trip
Over there more you do it fulfilling your nib
Of kicking the long trodden way and lending yourself out
There your hidden passion and woman  joins you
Leaving no stone you  term her a vice
First you blame her, and then claim her accused of all catastrophes
Then you threaten to leave her in middle and also want her to smile
Then you accuse her to be disheartened and negative, keep her on toes
And once you return put her to work and say hey any woman would love it
And then show her the exit
Lady cries foul
It is any woman’s Distress call