Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the art of making............

We are all phsical beings,aren't we?

The way of living matters only how we take the physical things
around us!

Sex,Drugs and Rock'n Roll have been associated since the time
rock'n roll came into existense!

Now they are two ways rockers like to go about it-
Classical Approach
Thrash Approach

Whatever I'm goin' to say is truly my opinion!!!

Classical Approach:-
They are the ones who believe in what nature has to offer
Herbal Relief.
(Facts say that Marijuana never kills)
Till this day not a single death has occured or has been reported!

Thrash Approach:-
They have restless souls and want to try each and every possible way
of getting high and see nature as a chemist store.
Well chemicals do take a toll most of the time!

Now the common thing is ,everybody wants to get stoned ,how? is what
makes the difference.
Marijuana makes you a little laid back but its ok! who wants to get in
the Rat race !
They do try out each other though!Like Morrison

Classical Approach:-
They always believe that human can never defy laws of nature how
much hard he/she tries.
So without much experiments on errotica they like to go the classical
way of the art!
Their illusions are not to get it the hard way (after getting stoned)
but of course to have the love till eternity(thats an exageration!).

Thrash Approach:-
As said ,what lies beneath is nature for them,they want it hard and are
bored of the usual ways ,they love to experiment.
(Now one experiment with the monkey,gave us AIDS!
but who cares!)

The idea Satisfaction is not important ,however indulging in something
never attempted strikes them.

Rock'n Roll

Classical Approach:-
For them Music is a science of nature,guitar is more like a mathematical
instrument,if your imagination and calculation falls right with the notes
,amazing solos are produced.

Thrash Approach:-
Techniques,minimum 50 equipments to technically enhance the
sound falls between the guitar and the amplifier.
To get the speed every guitarist who plays thrash develops a style,
however it is not about imagination,it is,but its more about accuracy
,and how technically advanced you are.
Thats is why all the classical musicians disregard it as soulless,hmmm
it has quite a lot takers amongst listeners.

The way you choose to live shapes up your days to come!
I'm still in classics.
I love some of the Thrash metals though!

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