Tuesday, March 13, 2007

come and join

This blog is dedicated to peoplewho still think world is place tolive in.there is still some musicleft in us.Something to listen in pure classic rock,something to listen when you are on rampage that is heavy metal.So write in whatever you think interests you as a musician,write about the gods of music u like,I'd like to begin with Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore .
Half knowledge is always dangerous and people in India love to jump around with half knowledge,if we want the world to build up more acceptance for us,first we should try to create acceptance in ourselves!
The recent drug related cases were blown out of proportion while the poor and poeple who live on streets live on drugs and nobody ever tries to get hold of them and get them out of it.India is a country of lord Shiva and couple of natural drugs are considered to be his blessings so why do we still follow the west and ban the things that are natural however no one takes care of the harmful drugs people consume and will consume more if they dont get the nature's drug

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