Thursday, June 12, 2008

Few more questions

After a long time I've returned to my blog. Yesterday I posted my resume to five Jobsites. Some times you are forced to think whether all this is leading you to the write direction or you are just beating around the bush. My life is a complete maze and each day I enter a new door which leads to somewhere but nowhere close to exit.

There are so many like me who want something else but end up in a job which leads them nowhere apart from fustration and a monotonous sulky life. How to get the right thing at the right time?

What is perfection? How do you define perfection when nothing on this earth is perfect?
What is Love and how did the concept of marraige come?
Why do we run behind unachievable things?
Why is human mind so swift?
Why do we think so much if we know its not going to help?

Questions like these float through your mind when you are in despair.
Sometimes you think you know a person and the next moment you find yourself with a complete stranger. These are the few complexities of human nature which can never be resolved. We spend our lives running behind our dreams, chasing nuisances but at the end we leave everything behind and vanish in silence.

If God is so perfect why didn't he make one single perfect man/woman?
I guess the best thing one can do is to leave few questions un answered as sometimes the truth is not what you would like to hear.

If you think you have the answers to my questions and something which can please a person then please do write !

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