Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Opposites really attract?

It is the biggest mystery or call it ironical! Most of the couples that come together as they are so different from each other over a period of time part their ways. Is their any measurement that needs to be taken before we finally draw the line. What is the importance of a relationship in which two people always run parallel to each other and never meet like the ends of a river.

Initially the attraction is much striking and most of the time we will find two people with similar attitudes getting along so well that they seem inseparable to the rest of the world. That is the attraction phase which continues and becomes intense during the infatuation phase . Alas like everything there is are testing times and then comes in the conflicts. Most of the time there are fewer predictable response to these kind of relationships. First ,either one of them compromises ,while one should never according to me as Janis Joplin truly said,” I will never compromise with my self as I am the only one I have with me.”
This could lead to disaster in one’s attitude over a period of time like depressed with a sense of remorse. Second ,which is little mutual ,is that where they talk it out and one takes the initiative to work some other way around or try to change in positive frame of mind, which though is logical however a rare sight. Third, they lose the communication and then separate with one or both the ends in either depressive phase or upon accusations.

Similarly, too much of familiarity also breeds contempt! I will leave this to be discussed for the next one In the meantime I will really appreciate your views or opinions on the same or if you suggest something different.

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