Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Triggered Terrror

Although I am trying to put my opinion little late, however with Governments across playing Round Robin still looking at the evidence’ with a blind’s eye. I feel I am not the biggest procrastinator anymore as I have competition. With election of the world’s biggest democracy just around the corner, our every move is watched and scrutinized. This made me ponder over my thought of what triggered the 26/11 terror attack I am aware the feeling being mutual hence let me cut down on speech and get straight to the facts.

Several factors resulted in such a planned attack for the first time in a country who is always a soft target for the terrorists to project their ability to destruct to Uncle Sam, both being Democratic Countries.

a) Lack of security and intelligence who couldn’t predict the attack.
b) Involvement of people in our own system who acted as aids and advisors
c) Political blasphemy is always there
d) Lack of unity and integrity within the Government and alliance
e) Unawareness despite being neighborhood Country to an almost terrorist state.
These to name a few and it is in our interest if we as a nation unite and hold are anguishes and through a proper channel use it to eradicate it once and for all.

1) Terror attacks always ends in destruction of manpower, infrastructure, revenue loss , economic disparity to name a few and of course we are facing it in a way as people are scared and feel insecure as they walk out of their homes and even if they’re in their homes . Though from outside everything seems to return back to normal as show must go on , however no one could deny the emotional wound within the heart of every Indian that will take a long time to heal and will heal only if it is not struck again . After the attack the rich and poor have come in the same platform as the poor use to think themselves as the vulnerable targets however this attack proved otherwise as it was planned for worldwide audience. However, this is evoked a sense and sensibility in the mind of every Indian to come together and once and for all raise the voice to end it, one can see the effect in Parliament sessions going on these days.

2) If I say it does not frustrate me, I don’t think I am worth being called a living being. This question hardly makes any sense as everything about the attack is frustrating.

The terrorists getting propaganda, the loopholes in the security system, the functioning of the Government , the lack of intelligence , the emotional turmoil in the minds of billions of Indians ,in India and spread across the world..

3) If you sum up the answers of all the previous questions, you will find the answer to this question.

Tighten up the security, find the lapses and get the people within who were involved in making the attack a success. Understand the loopholes and fill them up or reframe the system where there is no place for a situation similar to arise. Right for information should come into place as we do not want an apology from the ruling Government, we require a proper explanation as they have failed miserably providing security to their nation to whom they are servants and the people who serve as their vote banks and pay taxes for their Z security. There are so many things that are required to get to the base of the terror squad operational behind these attacks. It is not only the concern of one nation who has been attacked but all the nations who are in their list as top ones, and all the nations who want to ensure a safe and secure life for their citizens. We as a world are citizens of one world and we need to unite to put an end to this practice so that coming generations live a free and peaceful life .

4) Indian politics is so deep rooted that to get to the base of it would require minimum nine lifetimes which humans are not blessed with. Before the occurrence of the unfortunate event, the regionalism was grabbing the limelight and getting all undue media attention. One cannot be free from politics happening where ever one works especially in India, as India taught the world Politics!

In my true opinion with utmost sincerity, I never blame politics, as politics was supposed to be used as a science to improve the management and economic base of a country. However like every coin have two sides, the malicious minds are always at work to manipulate the resources to their evil practices and this is what has happened.

5) Even if the Pakistan Government is on a denial mode as always, the truth is right out there served in a dish splattered with flesh and blood in front of the world audience. It amuses me as an individual to watch them get away with it. The ISI has been operational since the birth of Pakistan and even if now the government is there and the country is out of Dictatorship, the fact is , it is imbibed to the core, all the major positions in Pakistan government and offices is held by military personals , anytime again it could come back to square one.
The message is simple, instead of wasting their entire revenue and trying to culminate the force to reckon with India, they should utilize it for the development of their economy and harmless citizens who stand stranded. At this point they should open the door for the rest to capture the culprits who have been in hiding in Pakistan to ensure they get their due from the rest of the world.

6) What terrorists are doing is guerilla war; the answer to them is attack on them. In the land of Mahatma though it sounds inappropriate, however sometimes extremism can be dealt only with extremism. Still we do not need to approach a third world war, the idea is to never let it happen, so war on terrorism needs to be declared and the world for once should unite ,if we want to remain in the beautiful world that is.

7) We can’t always and many of us would not opt for military training, however something to empower the citizens and for their self defense is always welcome. However, the question is will it really save us, while one may not be able to find out what is coming or some kind of explosive implant is there where they are that will blow them to pieces. How will one know that while you went for a family outing in a theater could be your last!

8) The youth is empowered with fresh ideas, flexibility of mind to think out of the box, make decisions more instinctively, with strength and no sinister approach. They have the power to change the functioning of their Government as well as influence the world. What we need is more youth who are true leaders and not the worn out once stung with bad political bug. They could elect brand new governance, come out with ideas; change the system by being a part of the system. Let us face it; you will wash your hands once you get it dirty!
The point is though, how many of us would like to come to the forefront and bear the flag to change.

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