Friday, May 28, 2010

My Bad

What is the absolute truth behind things happening around us anyway. We come across different threads in daily life, all threads put together would make a piece. However it all depends on the individual who is weaving it.

In present times,we all are together and yet alone somehow. We all look at the other and crave for the same thing however when it comes to us we do not seem to enjoy it. It is looking at a poster girl and saying what if she was mine. Or looking at a businessman in his fancy car and dreaming to have it someday.

So what is the truth, do we all know what we want from this life? Well so far I have learned that those who really enjoy the living are the one who do not think at all even for a fraction what the world has to say, it is a sense of total detachment from all across and yet connected with everyone.

Recently I felt the need to have a partner in my life to share my good and bad with. I met the person whom I would have dreamt of almost as the Ideal one or “Mr. Right”. We were good initially till I played hard to get and he had to pursue me. Then it got even better when I acted unlike of me and was the vulnerable one. One day we hung around together and my partner let me hang with his bunch of friends, It was going well until I erupted after some stimulating conversation and the man hidden inside the woman’s body came up. That was the end of it as even my apologies did not sway his ego. It was my bad!

So when we say acceptance to your mistake does not bring you down and forgives makes you even a bigger man , it is pretty much a theory! Isn’t it? Then I was even worse than I was when I was free and single as I felt terrible about the entire incident.

The point behind this story telling is, if I had only not apologized and stayed stuck to my act I would have not hurt myself as his opinion was never going to change anyway!

It is like some are believers and some are not. Everyone has a similarity and yet all are different in some manner. And truth is we all know this basic fact, however we fail to imply this fact in real lives.

Like I sound confused with most of you reading it, everyone is. Even freemasons were at some point. The only thing which keeps us going on is some sort of belief that fits eventually a particular individual. So I developed my theory which keeps me going, I use “My Bad” in my own way. When I see a fancy car which I want to have, I say my bad darling however I would go for a better one!

As I continue, my confusion is converting to a belief that if I do not have something, it is my bad. As I am going to get something better.

So if you ever get opinionated or might come across slightest chance to have difference of thoughts or frequency, just keep saying to yourself “My Bad” and move on!

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