Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some thoughtful questions and looking for Answers

When and how will you explain that your life has been meaningful?
When will you claim to be a success?
How do you define satisfaction?
What is meaningful for you?
What is happiness for you?
What is your level of attachment?
What is your fear factor?
What is your control limit?
How do you define Satisfaction, happiness, success, fear and control?

We all live and believe in a world of perception, of our own logics and definitions of persuasion till satisfaction and gratification comes.

We believe in Hope, Optimism, Gratification, pessimism, sadism and world of emotions.

To date has anybody including demigods and the religious transcriptions we have written come to a similar conclusion?

What is right for me could be wrong for another
What is hope for me could be a curse for other
What is optimistic view for me could turn out sadist for other.

Where is a general conception? What do as being the most superior animals on this planet do we believe in? Don’t we have anything similar that could bind us??

Think again as more you think on those lines more will you discover.

Entire Human kind wants to live!
All want to be happy.
All want freedom
All want Access to all and everything possible.

How to we get few things in life without making ourselves complicated.

The day we all realize, accept it and work towards it before we go extinct we would find the world we want.

Individual need would come eventually however high time for all across to think together and be there once and for all! What do you say?

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