Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does the concept of Perfect Crime really exist?

I am working on writing a crime fiction and was doing some research online. Well I do not want to promote any crime however since childhood Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series enticed me and I am fond of writing.

I personally am a believer in a supreme being and think someone is always watching your actions no matter how much full proof you can make it for a common eye. However I do have the idea that most of the people who come across as normal have a darker side unknown even to their closest alibis. And it turned into a conviction after visiting those sites.

While surfing online I came across numerous websites on the topic of Perfect Crimes and was surprised by the public response and opinions. It felt as it was a subject in school where all knew how to do a perfect crime and get away with it.

Also what a common opinion although sad was about the police system. It was an opinion from people from all across the globe and I was startled to see an endless list of comments flowing. In my experience so far of surfing on various subjects, never had I come across an endless list which eventually I gave up reading.

Most of them have an opinion that anyone could get away with police. This means that people worldwide are losing or already have lost hope on the system where ever they may be based at. It appeared they somewhere had lost total faith in humanity and could do a crime like Murder only for fun. Well it is happening across the globe isn’t it?

Secondly they had so much of information that Crime Scene Investigators or special agents could learn from them. I was always intrigued by “Jack the Ripper” and how it still remains a mystery for the world of the most heinous crime murder in the most wretched manner. He may still have had a motive to those ghastly acts however present race would do it simply to get their dead senses some appeal and they would never even regret it. So is the present world turning into a world of psychopaths?

To be honest, beyond a point I could not read further comments and moved out of the site because possibly I still do not take it as humor or dark comedy. I felt intimidated and anxious and prayed that all these people never have to see the real wrath. It almost made my line on the book I am working on. I felt what if someone really takes the fiction as a modus operandi to see if it works in reality?

And I have not taken any account of terrorists or suicide bombers as they do not feature even in the so called list of perfect criminals.

However, I have decided to stick to it .Although crime always intrigues and draws maximum attention, when narrated in a manner that is doesn’t appear comic anymore would make the readers realize and never want to face anything of similar kind in reality. It is because of our attraction towards crime, psychopaths and criminals take that route since what might be funny for us is an expression for them to show the world they do exist and exist big!

For me, there could be no perfect crime as simple rule applies, there is a circle of life. Always remember, what goes around comes around. Watch the shows and read the books to get the thrill however never be implicated to be a part of it. Save the little goodness that is remaining for the human

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