Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have been pondering over the theory of Karl Marx. Per him Acosmism is the doctrine which denies the validity of our knowledge gained through experience of the materialistic world. Contemplate on the thought for a while. Most of us gain experience by maintaining a foolish consistency and it becomes a general norm. Hence whenever we meet or come across something which defies your perception or logic, we either sneer it or term it outlandish.
For example, if a woman is sitting by herself in a bar, we will normally stare at her, presume her to be either desperately seeking someone or depressed. We never let our thoughts flow to the direction which thinks otherwise. Perhaps the woman wanted to be by herself, enjoy the music, have few drinks and contemplate on something else.
By constantly watching others doing the same thing we mechanize our thoughts to think alike and desire for the same. We never think whether this would really make us happy or whether we deserve it or better. However we are a species not born to think or do everything alike, our differences make us unique.
At times this sort of experience makes us miss out on the risks we must take to attain material tranquility. Doing this we limit our minds.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson mentioned,” A foolish consistency is a hobgoblin of little minds.” Hence the idea is to relax your mind and be flexible to accept and adapt without perceiving on preconceived theories or notions as the metaphysical experiential knowledge is far more vital. There could be lot of abstractions to certain attributes. So before you consider one as an absolute statement, think it through. We do not get to live as the same being again hence why ruin it being little minds when the universe is before us to unfold.

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