Friday, July 23, 2010

Desires and deservedness

Lord Krishna rightly suggested to Arjuna that we do not get what we desire but what we deserve. With desires comes uncanny malicious attributes and aspirations which are at times impromptu. However being desireless one would only act what is inscribed in nature, and by doing that all natural merits will fall in place. One will never have to fear or lament on actions taken. For any creation in its physical existence we never do the actions by ourselves however what nature makes us do.

However at the end the only result we see is the one deserved. With desires we will only contemplate on worldly pleasures however the soul which is most subtle will bear it in the end. The soul is primordial. As rightfully explained by Lord Krishna to Arjuna the soul is in destructive, incombustible, un washable, un malleable and no air can dry it. When you act with desires you are constantly effected by the success and failures that come across , you could be attacked be different demons, they could be your own thoughts or other manipulations. However once you become free of desire, you come in communion with the universe. You are not affected by success and failures and hence you never give up on your actions. One can endure failure if there is no desire and hence success comes ones it is righteously deserved.

This only comes as a process of self realization. Once you become aware you could see distinct colors since your mind acts like a prism. You would learn the righteousness of actions that you take and decisions you make. Hence Lord Krishna suggested Arjuna of the real importance of Vedic Scriptures. They help in self realization, transcendence to spiritual consciousness and attainment of freedom from duality, acquisition and preservation. He went on to explain how one has the right for prescribed activities however never for results. One should never look for result in the actions nor should one be attached in not doing their prescribed activities.

To attain tranquility one has to unite the individual consciousness with universal consciousness. This could be attained by being desire free of fruitive outcome. One has an option to choose the path in every lifetime that is to run behind the desires or do the prescribed actions giving up the thought of results. Hence being aware will make you more conscious towards your actions and ultimately to the universal truth of ultimate redemption.

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