Monday, July 5, 2010

Human Brain or a machine

I work in a corporate environment. My work profile is mechanical with little or no room for creativity. As I keep observing my co workers, I figure out their lifestyle is like a routine, or more so they have programmed themselves in a way that closes all doors and windows for any other idea. More like an application software where they have networked their nerves only to respond in a certain manner. Lateral thinking for them often appears an alien term. I am no one to comment as each is to its own. However even breathing could be so calculative amazes me.

The urban lifestyle of corporate people, working in IT, HR, Finance, Shared Services and other sectors leaves them with little scope but to work as designed .Hence we are experiencing a shortfall of entrepreneurs and leaders who have another aspect to life beyond living only to get the paycheck, wait until next appraisals, complain about hopelessness in their respective profiles and go of to sleep only to wake up and do the same the next day. The fact is so called designated leaders; managers do not project something different either. Hence either you follow your leader or wither away. I am not saying the world is going extinct of true leaders and entrepreneurs or creative people. My implication is in today’s world creativity is also mechanized. I would not be surprised if tomorrow we come up with a robot brain to replace the existing one. So if your head falls off you could replace it from the supermarket, get it attached and reload all your brain functionalities to pump your veins and arteries. And if you just do not like your existing brain and want an Einstein prototype you could get it customized, store all your existing information in a back up drive and reload the data you prefer to keep in your new one.

The alchemists believed in Science to be an art only to enhance existing human glory and go in hand with nature. Currently Science and technology have developed a parallel universe and we are shifting our existence towards it. Tomorrow we will breathe synthetically and are existence will move from living organisms to living robots. We would not be mortals and would not think about immortalization any longer as to be one, one has to live.

The question I come across is, are we heading towards complete transmutation into being robots or we still have some space and time left to transform. Think about it, our dependency by minute is rising on technology. Do not misconstrue me, technology is important however leaving your thought process on it and breathing gadgets instead of air is something else. Even saints and priests now prefer selling their belief online, in auction for bidding and no more are self less preachers. You do not need to chant a prayer. Get it from a sanctified entity for $50 online, but you must have a credit card or you’re a worthless exist in present society.

Think over it, would you want your next produce to be a nature and God’s creation or a science fiction. High time we start our brains to think for us else like the pituitary gland, you would be able to take it out and even sell it off and work on new recipes, Brain Pudding and Fries anyone?

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