Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Redeem Love

A feeling beyond expression. When you’re born, you fall in love. Love is a state of attachment as well as detachment. As an individual, I am in love with life, nature and several other worldly attributes.

Somehow this expression is beyond definition. We use it these days like slang however this is precious. It is formless and fluid. The greatest achievers have always had a passion or love for something that they vested their mind in. It is invocation of a certain spirituality or path one wants to take.

Redemption of love however happens to those with clear objectives and as Lord Krishna advised Arjuna in Mahabharata “Aim for the eye”. When we follow a certain path to attain love, we will come across restraints however only if one takes those hurdles as learning curve would one attain it.

Love could be for any natural being, for salvation, an aspect, goal, physical entity or towards Supreme Being. However attainment and explanation is beyond sages’ theory.

Devotion, belief and aim are the only attributes to get one to their desired affection. When one is devoted one builds a spiritual bridge to reach its fascination. Belief gives ones spirit the energy to gather up and conjure all positive energy to attract it. Aim lets ones mind not flicker constantly to nearby and close substitutes.

However to redeem one must give love. To describe it in technical term would be like investment. Life has an investment factor. What one gives is one gets in turn. Its physical being is temporary however the spirit remains and redeems its act.

For most of us in materialist terrain Love has become a phrase to express instant desire. The realization of it to be supreme comes with devotion.

Over a period of time we build resistance, attachment and dependency to the attributes which are dispensable. The realization comes in letting go and love flows in.

If one is in love, the truth would stay in remaining detached, yet close .Remember every substance has a spirit and it is the connection in the end that leads one to love.

Most of us mix desire with love. Segregate it !

Desires flicker however love remains. The idea is to get your mind in your control to direct you towards your achievement of your love. It is not a matter a one lifetime though for some ,however it remains .

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