Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaking Free

Felt incarcerated like a child lost in unscrupulous world
Experiences created a shell too strong
Took a decade to hatch out and see the colors

While in rendezvous amidst my explorations
Followed the unknown like a vagabond
Resisted all goodness what kept knocking the door
And blamed circumstances for the ordeal

Evasive and effaced, I was unfathomed by most
Came a crossroad where my enigma took over me
Rebel, atrocious and obnoxious with my own I went adrift

Serenity and tranquility seemed a foolish mind’s embrace
I battled to triumph my perplexed thoughts
In tryst with my own tyranny I built illusions

Pitied and Petted on all around me in search for freedom
Saw the sunset on me coming faster in chase for horizon
Without an iota of emotions blatantly went on in my pursuit

Arrived again at crossroads
Need to oblate or choose a straight path to continue
I would still go for the latter as my journey was not over

Kept muscling as if buried alive
Came out digging a hole in dark and realized the blankness
Nothing I came from and to nothing I belong
Broke away from rigid materialism

Erased all information and sublime thoughts
I finally found me, a child ignorant and indifferent to all rules
I have found my freedom in the end

I am only me! Could only be me! Will always be me !

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