Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Pursuit

I will touch 30 in approximate two and half years now and my journey for ultimate pursuit is still on. Who am I? I am anyone of you, a common human being who wants to attain ultimate goal and that is piece, contempt and to sum it up “tranquility”.

Each day I learn, perceive, pursue and contemplate only to syndicate all the virtue the infinite space can offer me. It is true; the ultimate designer is the ultimate mastermind.

We all are born of nothing to become something. Our consciousness may be masked by lust, attraction, attachment and all smaller sense objects that rule us. However all are together in one journey and only our timeline differs.

We all will meet each other and greet another once we join for the ultimate space where all belong. Somehow in our present physical presence our masks will not let us reveal our true selves.

This is my journey. So far I have lived love, laughter, sadness, anger, ablism, jealousy, envy, pride, ego, motivation, influence, upset, downfalls, depression, obstacles, purgatory, triumph, invocatory, ecstatic, esoteric and all other aspects of dwellers of human mind one can term. Commonly recognized as eccentric and one can relate to Karl Marx’ philosophy of Abstraction.

This is only me! I in my journey have become malleable. Often one reaches a point in life where the word “malleable” is co related to “vulnerable”. Sometime, some point and some path all are , however it depends when you cross the road and when you build the acceptance that this would be “Me”.

Like all of you I am still chasing, the path to it is really tumultuous in our own individual consciousness. I do not want to give up as I know this would lead a dormant chase to more months, years, decades and of course lifetimes even.

I will present you with a simple aspect with which all are amazed at. We see child prodigies happening and taking over a certain aspect of object by rule for us only gauze. We look at physical aspects and term it simple geniuses. However what we do not want to divulge is where it came from?

My journey is ongoing. I am not an oxford graduate to present value like they could however I prefer my simple being and my thoughts to represent me who I was, am and will be times to come.

My course in this presence has at time being a triumph of tyranny and tryst accompanies.
I am seldom able to deliver what I am real thought is with my bestowed family and endorsed friends for life. Hence without knowing truth and fact to perceive one is against nature. It is your consciousness that is depriving you to act in accordance with it. It is not you! However you restricted you mind to be flow less and you get an indeterminate term to all sorts of physical incarceration.

I am all of this. And my pursuit is to get over all of this for now as the state of true transcendence only precedes when your awareness chooses the direction.

Everyday I learn new facets and it is simple in theory however harder in task. I make up my mind to get devoid of envy, jealousy, lust and all factors however it is not simple to subdue the subtle mind.

There are steps.

1). Let it flow. (It is the natural course or else for moments presume you are a drop in river and whatever you will do would not create ripples)

2). Contemplate on all what you hear and understand whenever a push is within a phrase. (Example: A friend you consider a confidant pushes you to resign while rest disagree)

3). Before you envy, get depressed, upset, angry and jealous understand the person exposed the mind to you since they consider you as you close or again “Confidants “, which often happens in friendship.

4). We all have our journey to ecstasy however tranquility is bliss like ignorance , keep that in mind however never keep it as a desire , success and result. You would be in books if you truly would become.

For now this would be my final step in this write to get myself to a point:

5). In simple words , Lord Krishna explained Arjuna that obstacles are only hurdles created by Demi Gods as they would restrain you coming close to it always. However in natural way once you get it would be beyond them.

I am here till now and as my journey goes on and my presence is here I would present with my next virtue gained from further learning.

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