Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Child

As she does her morning chores she looks around in haze
She packs her bags to step out in the big bad world
Brimming with thoughts of her companion in all

When the festivals begin
She adorns new frills and goes splashing her flowing hair
As she watches all grown ups rejoice
She dreams to grow up someday

Cuddling every roadside puppy
Playing with pebbles and chasing squirrels
Her smile effaces all pain
Every onset of summer she awaits her dance in first rain
Singing songs and swinging in the park she chuckles

O’ child of mine, so innocent
Want you to remain in this mystical paradise
Would keep you away from weeds and parasites
All along safe and will put you off to sleep
Only to wake up again with dreamy eyes
Forever will embrace you
As you will clasp your tiny fingers to mine and guide me to light

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