Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woman O’ Woman

Woman most evasive like a curtain to shadow
Woman why thou art agile
Woman living with frail man inconspicuous
Hail woman letting go of her discernment

Woman you stumble on your man
You loath and become a burst ‘o bubble
Succumb within to esteem of testosterone
Suicidal and kill thee thereon

Only if you could percept thee
Would you know you woman?
Your heart being an ocean would always lay in deep
 Frail is the Woman who perceives her to be understood
Bestowed in disguise of curse is what nature has endowed

Woman being epitome of pain
Pleasure being treasure
Woman, burn alive however reminisce
Of what thy will come in next being

Love thee and the man who taught
The theory of all insignificance
My last reminisce would bring you the light
Forever thou woman!

Time and again it would be
Forever you 
Forever me!

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