Saturday, October 23, 2010


O’ lord of mine you pass verdict
Deem me criminal for all virtue endowed
Mine being liberal and your imperial
The clash inevitable

While I merge and accept in dissolute of mine
You abandon my sincerity and disdain me
Saying it is my ego and fortitude

Remember my lord your abysmal acceptance
Being your mirror
Hence whenever you throw a stone of being egoistic
You smash yourself beneath

My basic needs are unconstitutional to your faith
I will eat and drink yet
Assurance of celibacy is with you
Next birth will be born as you

Now all I can do is renunciation
And that is the only forthcoming event of life
I will renounce all
However will abstain to live as a criminal in my own jurisdiction
A drop of whiskey is a sinful act
A pounce of meat being executed
A laugh being obscene
You have my burnt meat for barbeque
That will suffice my sin not to obey my orders

Did not realize when love took a backseat
Flesh became reality
Emotions a celibate
And truthfulness obscure’

Now another day I stand in court
The judgment being not worth you
I will assure my abstinence from reality
Exile would I go for all your constitution to follow

With every judgment you pass on
Breath goes miles from lungs to inhale
If nature disconnects me to you
You perceive it as my action

I cannot control nature as you have control of me
I am a joystick in your hand
Move me now as you want
The creation of life
Being long gone

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