Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her Last Rituals

Your seeker is bidding adieu
Left unanswered with the last question
Where did dumbness played foul
That your anger bore wrath
Immolating your own creation
Your own child and transcendence

From planting the seed my Lord created the
The most beautiful tree where Kulpvriksha sighed
One by one you cultivated
All emotions only for her to rejoice all moments
She in return, a child holding your finger
Learned to walk
Learned to feel
Learned to Sigh
Learned to touch
Learned to smile
Learned to love
Learned to live

The last question she had were
For what fault her lord chose to annihilate his own creation
If only to suffice the pleasure or mortal anger than she
Being your child would embrace it
However, to tranquil the soul not to wander
Would want to triumph unresolved answer
Where did her prayers fall short?
Did she not obey?
Did she not learn?
Did she not walk as disciple?
Did she deceive?
Did she not love?

If only sacrifice would please lord
All she had was to offer her
Let fierce fire embrace her and turn to pure ash charring all sins against you
Her soul however obliterated in wrath of your anger
Would not be there in physical embodiment
All remains the last wish of her
Her last ritual to be done
By the creator of her
To be
Forever his

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