Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her Last Wish

All that mattered to me was the embrace of my love
Being with him in thick in thin
I earnestly did
However fell short of expressing myself as living being
Everyday when you will leave me, the rhythm of heart would pulsate
Would stay quiet as knew it was you not me in real pain
Never could I explain that pain in your physical being
Ached in my soul
You always kept a detective eye on naïve soul
My simplicity to you came as a surprise
As it is not the world of wise
Even when you realized that girl was
A baby for you in world’s eye
Yet being healthy child fought all attempts to desolate her
Never ever did you really understood her
Now since the child has realized
That her God’s anger is beyond control of his mind
In return your own creation will offer her last rituals to you
You are only existing God who would realize how to immerse them
As a child she is leaving with her last request
You being immortal,
Your must quest anger so mortal
Her last wish would be not to conquest
A mind innocent

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