Tuesday, October 5, 2010


All have their passion in life and
Every lifetime they fulfill it
Since my birth I knew I could do all of them
Name it Science, Mathematics, Music, Dance, Philology, Physiology
All what I could never do in my entire being was love
Never knew
Never understood
Never realized
Never felt 
Never recognized
Never saw
Never believed
Never heard
Never hence perceived
You came as a surprise to me
All that I ever wanted you started giving me
I still had not developed to take it all in a blow
You do not see that you are the man had seen it all
And I being the woman, made for you, is deprived 
I now see only see the world from your eyes
Lately operated am recovering
Once recovered I would have the most beautiful eyes
Your eyes
Crystal clear and prism to all colors in all aspects
Please my soul stay with me like this
If I hurt you today, this would be engraved 
You already know I will give you the pleasure
For the cosmos to become jealous of you
But with bliss you afloat infinite.

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