Monday, October 18, 2010

Love Megalomaniac

What is it that I could do to show my love?
What is it you would want as a shower to love?
What I would do if your kisses nimble me softly through the night
What would it take for the moments spent apart from you never to come?
What is it that you have to enslave me for lives?
My love for you is a puritan’s virtue
What is your possession that you are the only answer to me?
Is it my delusion or you are reality?
Do I live in a dream or you touch me everyday
What is in your voice that is the only sound I hear?
What is in your touch which heals me?
What is in your hands that what you make is my only medicine?
What can I get you, flowers, stars, the sky, the space for you to be with me?
Are you mystery or you play humor with me?
From a rebel wandering the streets term me now mad
My skin shrinks, body hot and cold and heartaches
I cannot bear the pain of you away from me
Call it obsession of your love my crave will never end
I need your embrace now to save me
I have bruised and battered my existence
However only you remain in me
Tell me you will be mine and will never let the sun set on us
Tell me you will be mine and will never let the starlight fade
My heart, I miss you
Would you come back to me and will never let you walk outside
Come to me and stay inside

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