Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My morning raga of you

Sweet love, how I wandered for you
You came to become halo of me
My entirety greed’s for your love
You talk to me to transcend me to immortality
My ritual is to pray your hand to bless me
And throughout the entire space I will fill with your presence 
As my soul evases to become your gateway
Your breath evolve to words 
Words to speech
Yet the speech could be heard in utmost silence
Such is the beauty you have made of me
Till the existence now will exist 
Your speech will bell in space for 
Entire eternity to see
My lord of love, goodness, elegance 
Purity is you and you define it
I am you being your creation
I will serial it to space 
In my lines, you are inscribed
In my veins you flow
In my heart you beat
In my brain you work
In my legs you walk
In my work you conquer
In my existence you live
And this existence will be forever
You are my path, destiny, light, love, live, lord and my being
Accept my prayers never to put your hands off me

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