Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My offering

All my existence I awaited your love
Your existence
Your words
Your touch
Your feel
Your presence
As I write drowning in whiskey
With body hot and cold
With senses going numb
I have reached pinnacle of mortal existence
Still waiting to find and be with you
All the while I write to you
Everyday I write you about my love
End of the day I efface it all
Only for you not to dwell in the pain
I live in and out
Your pragmatism took a toll on me
Drowning the island of paradise we together built
The society and norms you hail upon
The traditions and predicaments you live with
Are your soul enemies which I fail you to show
In the end you behaved like a true god
You gave me life
Your gave me happiness
You gave me emotions
And when you realized it was time for me to bid adieu
You put me off to sleep
If this is the only way to worship you
Accept me as an offering in entirety

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