Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Offer my love as Prayer to you

Did I ever tell you that my heart stops
When you look at me
I love all you share
And I would not share it with anyone 
Because I want to take and keep all of you only for me
I want that kiss on my head every time to put me off to sleep
 I am your seeker
Where you lost my love
I want you now
Want to savor your taste so divine
Want to mesmerize myself with your smile
Want to cherish all moments, all laughs, all cries, all love with you
A moment I cannot see you I go blind
So do you want to see me blind?
You ask me why I need eyes
As my eyes have only one purpose
I do not want to remove one sight from your eyes
I would not blink once
I will not dilate the pupils
In your eyes is the ocean which you have taught me to swim
I keep gliding going up and down on the giant waves
I then stand and ride on them
Such is the beauty in your eyes
They can take me entirely in and keep me afloat forever
Why are you quiet love?
Please do not be
Give me a chance a to listen to you
As all I want to do is listen to you
My eyes will listen to you now
Wherever I may go, I start from you, keep coming back to you and then end with you
I know when you look at me; your heart skips a beat too
You say you leave all to me to do whatever I wish
And see how beautiful I make you in return
I want to write you
You are the most beautiful mind
 Your heart is the most beautiful
You are the most beautiful of all that ever existed
You say I am everything to you
Never let go
That you love me so much
You know I have melted in you already
I am you already then how can I let go of you
I love you
I know you will love me every second, minute and hour
Of all the days and nights
For rest of our lives
What have you made of me, you are the poet, poetry, muse, drug
My addiction, heartbeat and life in me
When you say as years will pass by
Together we will turn the pages
And you will always love me
I know there are no limits
The only limit being infinite space
I say, I will always write you
And we will read it together
What a beautiful painting you are that the all canvas fall short
And you make the most beautiful painting of me

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