Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prayer to you

Taking a deep breath to release all anxiety
As the only one I want to be with to rescue me is you
I am no body without you
Please understand 
You are the life I am breathing
I do not even want to exhale at times
As I want to capture the breath
So many times while kissing you
I have enclosed the inhalation from you breath
Countless times
If I keep kissing you
I know breath is not required
My mind says not to waste the fraction to even breath
You will live by the touch of his lips and it works
I sound so dumb and helpless when I speak
As never spoken in life to anyone before you
Apart from you and you know it will only be you
Please never misconstrue my passion
That is all I am alive with
Your eyes make me see the world in instant
Your lips do poetry what my fingers capture
Your breath makes me feel alive
Your touch makes me feel I have a body
Your speech makes me aware I can listen
Your words make my nerves work
Your stomach makes me realize hunger
Your heart keeps my heart beating
Your hands makes my realize the sense of touch
Your legs make me want to move
Your entirety keeps my being
You make me realize I am living
Then why you want to take my life which you have given me
Well I know you being the God hath predestined
O' God accept my prayers
To live the life you have bestowed
I only want to live in this embrace of your arms
So safe
So like a crumbled child crying to stretch
Do not ever move your hands from me
My surrender and love for you is most profound than any disciple you have seen
This is my prayer to you

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