Friday, November 5, 2010

My Predicament

My muse, you left the painting of mine unfinished
Your beauty yet remains unraveled
The journey yet to cover
As I slumber and my fortitude forbids me from living
Life of misery
The vicissitude of your actions
Reveals me my love yet to be discovered
I may seek bliss with end of pain
Than a life of living dead
Forever my predicament will remain
That I found love in the end
Will return in another form
Sometime in space
Where will make million of you
Amalgamate in one
You made me and perished me in no time
I still wander on woods looking for an answer
For once you would have sat till finish
The portrayed would have come in skin
Realize that I never existed for you
It was you who gave the dream life
Now for you the dream being over
You have banished me
For you, my life is my tribute
 May this song last forever humming in your ears
I love you always
My faith undeterred
That you will rescue me in another life
Bye love, will meet again

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