Sunday, December 5, 2010

The beautiful painting

He opened up the vast canvass
For him to paint his love
To color it red like wine
Blue like sky
Black like darkness
And bright like light
He mixed all colors in single motion
And painted the most beautiful smile
So much so the painting now talks to him
Moment he looks it says paint me wholesome
The canvass has infinite space
He fills the depth so it scatters all in spectrum
Thus the painting now has deep eyes
Eyes that take him in whirlpool
Down to the deepest point
Of ocean
As the painter went on
He gave it the nose
That now breaths him
With every breath arose the phoenix in the painter
Gave it the ears to listen to him
And Hair to entangle him
He named her thus sensual
The painter’s muse
The painting of his life

1 comment:

Carol Allen Anfinsen said...

As an artist, the words of this poem called out to me. Beautifully done!