Friday, December 10, 2010

Mystique Ocean

Mystique a woman is
Ocean with tides to take you in
Waves with magnificence of a tower
They confine you in the castle underneath

To know her is to solve the gimmick or puzzle
To win the game of life
The man who truly finds his woman in virtue
Becomes the man to live life!

Seldom men of virtue come to breathe
O’my woman, recognize before they perish
A lavish home for you to make
An ambition for you to undertake
Will come

Get it men can over time undermine
But nature knows and we as owners
Request the men to command on basic life

Time is near and will be soon
When virtue and value
Their equation would banish

The day one knows!
A man is for woman
Woman for man
Together they live
Alone have no existence!
The day
Men and women amalgamate
Would be the world we want!


Blognostic said...

No matter how much amalgamation happens between men and women, women will always remain mysterious. :)

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