Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aruna says

I am the morning sun
Red is my color, unchaste my being
Take me back where I could see the world
Life as it naturally is, I am yet to live
Yet see faces from the past as daunting shadows on my dark wall
Oh have mercy and see my spirit
Dejected by love I have love for life
You can watch me breathe and accept the tunes
I have a bigger family now by my side
Liberate me do not abandon more
Remind me when I was born or make me born today
If not rewind do not show me the end
I laugh at my sodomy by a misanthrope
My stimuli will still respond not to do wrong
Let not the one escape who got me to this day
I will be the sun and rise one day
I am Aruna, the morning sun !

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PsycheBubbles said...

Interesting! :) Well written!