Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crossroads again

Here I am standing on crossroads again
Reeling past my life so far
I have a choice to make however this time
I need no more pain
So here I am staring on the roads ahead
The road that led me here banished for me to trail back
Silence and vacuum define my mind frame
May be this time I will make no choice to get me to another crossroad
But hey I smile and say where the fun of life would be if I stop
So as I start a fresh journey
I will leave the marks for someone to trace me as now I am chasing horizon


Anonymous said...

Hmnnnn. Traces r eternal its divine though. . Ur words r powerful n touches the heart.....jism ki baat nahi thi.... unke dil tak jaana tha.... waiting for more soul touching words in ur forthcoming poems...

Anonymous said...

Thanks fr posting my comment.
Dusra wala kyon nahi kiya?? If am picking the traces .lemme pick n follow.dnt come in between this eternal connection.

Anonymous said...

Life I discovered has a deeper meaning to all stupefaction
Your naming me with your deep inhibitions hidden a betrayer would not make me one
Within I am yours however you are not mine hence I am the one betrayed all the while
Yet some energy is beyond human control
My love that is there if you understand
With you on phone saying goodbye is for puppies
You and me both being aware will work on it
Accept and say it out loud and be free
You have gone wrong with your inhibitions
Your ego is on self denial
We were never connected with human contribution
We were always there, if I crushed me for you
This time around pay back as I am truly waiting for you............................ ur own poem..just this time its me who's words r these...things n ppl may come n go... but u r fr me n am fr u.. v wr just there.. dnt loose it...listen my voice..closing eyes n ears will nt take us nywhere... I wanna come n see u...